Daniel Sliva and Petr Ulbert are the new owners of IPKarting

Daniel Sliva and Petr Ulbert are the new owners of IPKarting

Petr Ptacek has decided to sell his shares of IPK to his two long-time collaborators and friends, who will be in charge of managing the company.

Familiar faces are taking on new roles in IPKarting, as the company sets sights on future ambitions. After having led IPK since its foundation in 2011, Petr Ptacek will be succeeded by former Vice Chairman of the Board Daniel Sliva and Petr Ulbert, who was recently guiding the SUMAKO IPK Racing Team. With multiple years of experience in IPKarting, both Sliva and Ulbert will carry on the pioneering legacy of Ptacek, who will still be involved in the company’s adventures. Furthermore, as the close friendship between the three men gives birth to a new business partnership, a fresh dose of energy will motivate IPK and open the doors to a stronger position for common business plans.

Relying on their vast expertise as well as on their deep knowledge of the company, Sliva and Ulbert will own exactly equal shares, while IPK’s historic French client Action Karting will be a minority shareholder, holding 5%.

Petr Ptacek: “Together we have achieved great results in production and sales, with last year’s sales growing by 25% and reaching another record. We were successful in racing too, winning many important races on all continents, including titles in world championships, SKUSA, FWT, WSK and national championships. I will be actively supporting IPK. However, my main scope of work will be in military and homeland security business”.

Daniel Sliva: “This important moment is a result of our long-lasting friendship and we will always remember who brought Praga into the karting industry. It is a new step in our lives and I am really looking forward to continuing with the work we started 12 years ago”.

Petr Ulbert: “I have lifelong experience in management positions in many companies as well as in strategic planning, which is merged with my passion and love for motorsport. I always wanted to collaborate in business with friends. We will keep our Made in Italy products to maintain the best quality standards”.