Skulanov’s encore at the WSK Master Series

Skulanov’s encore at the WSK Master Series

After winning the first round of the Championship at Adria, the Formula K team driver Gerasim Skulanov also wins, with full merit the second leg of Lonato, beating over 107 opponents!

The exceptional start of the season continues for Gerasim Skulanov (Formula K Serafini ASD) who, after the second spot in the WSK Championship Cup and the victory in the WSK Super Master Series 2020 debut race, conquers the second round of the Championship held at the South Garda Karting track in Lonato. Thanks to the great performance of the IPKarting equipment and the TM Racing engine, Skulanov definitely experienced a weekend under the spotlight: 4th after the qualifications, he goes wild in the heats obtaining 3 victories, a second and a third spot in addition to scoring a best lap performance. The pace does not slow down, even in the prefinals where he sprinted home to a win, and in the finals where success came with a fair margin of victory over the other drivers. The takes on even more prominence in light of the record number of participants at the South Garda Karting track, with over 108 drivers lined up at the starting grid.
In the middle of the Championship, Skulanov is firmly at the top of the overall standings with a lead of 83 points which puts him in second position overall.

Always in the MINI, the weekend was very good for Mika Abrahams (Formula K Serafini ASD), despite being forced to start in all of the heats from the last position, the South African driver performs a series of exciting comebacks earning, in each of the 5 heats that were disputed, at the very minimum at least 15 points each. Thanks to this performance, Mika is able to gain entry into the prefinals where he completes another comeback of 11 positions to get a spot in the finals, where he ends up closing in the 29th position.

The KZ2 too made its debut in the WSK Super Master Series in Lonato. The drivers present on the track with a Formula K kart were these 6 drivers: Giacomo Pollini and Leonardo Bizzotto (NGM Motorsport ASD), Jeremy Iglesias and Noam Abramczyk (Formula K Racing Team), Hannah Lang (MK Racing) and Gutak Vyacheslav (Formula K Serafini ASD). Amongst them, Pollini immediately became the protagonist with the 4th time in qualifying rounds plus three wins, a third spot and a best lap time in the heats overall. The end of which he leads the rankings out of the 75 drivers in attendance. Unfortunately, bad luck plagued him in the end and in the prefinals he ended up withdrawing from Giacomo’s race after only 4 rounds.

The same bad luck seems to affect Vyacheslav as well. After running some good heats and gaining 10 positions in the prefinal, he is the first one to be excluded from entering the finals.
The one entering the finals with an excellent performance, on the other hand, is the expert Iglesias, exceptional in getting to the the podium in all the heats he raced in, but subsequently ended up obtaining the second place spot in his prefinals. The fifth place achieved in the finals allows Jeremy to gain extremely valuable points which place him at the 4th place in the overall standings, this is an excellent position for the race to the title.

The next racing event for the MINI class will be the WSK Super Master Series leg in Muro Leccese, from the 5th to the 8th of March. The KZ2 class will be back on the track for the last Championship round in March on the 22nd at the Circuito Internazionale Napoli in Sarno.