Formula K triumphs with Olivieri in round 1 of the WSK Open Cup

Formula K triumphs with Olivieri in round 1 of the WSK Open Cup

After having secured the bronze medal in both the WSK Super Master Series and the WSK Euro Series, Emanuele Olivieri wins the South Garda Karting circuit, thus obtaining the provisional leadership position in the championship in the MINI category

The weekend of the Formula K Serafini in Lonato is a very distinguished one. The IPK equipment motorized TM Racing displays its fantastic potential, done on both dry and wet track conditions, in the MINI category, which had 101 participants and was an extremely, tough and close, competition. Equally encouraging was the performance in the KZ2 category.

Emanuele Olivieri reaffirms his role as the absolute #1 protagonist in the MINI category. The Italian driver starts the race with the third highest qualifying time and then proves to be razor-sharp in the heats, finishing the first race in fourth position and continuing with four consecutive victories in the other four races. The young driver reinforces his competitiveness, even in the rain, crossing the finish line of the prefinals in third position. This gives him the starting position for the final race from the sixth box on the grid. In the final race of the weekend, this time on a dry track, the leader of the Formula K Serafini takes the lead quickly during the second lap and sets an impressive pace. Only two opponents keep up with Olivieri’s pace, then overtaking him at the start of the last lap. Nevertheless, the Italian driver does not lose his cool and with a textbook maneuver he passes both his opponents at the third to the last corner, cleverly achieving his third seasonal success in the WSK series and taking the lead of the provisional championship standings.

Juliusz Ociepa‘s performance is excellent as well. After having set the fifth best group time in qualifying, the Polish driver captures four of his five heats in the top ten, including two in fourth place. The representing driver of the Formula K Serafini ends up in the eight spot in the prefinals and proves his consistency as well, while in the finals a complicated first lap compromises a significant result. Equally positive is the performance of Yaremiy Oleksiy, who obtains the seventh best group time in qualifying and completes four of his five heats in the top ten, even boasting a second place with a fast lap. A turbulent prefinal and finals do not allow the Ukrainian driver to prove his speed even on Sunday. A convincing performance by Ludovico Busso as well, who after scoring the ninth best group time in qualifying while skillfully maneuvering in the races, brings another Formula K to the finals, a race in which he gains six positions. Not as fortunate in his first seasonal appearance is Lorenzo d’Amico, who does not set a time in qualifying and is therefore forced to start from the last row in all the heats. The young Italian recovers a total of 50 positions in his five heats, but unfortunately sees his access to the prefinals vanish with only five penalties.

The weekend disputed in KZ2 by Roberto Cesari, in his first season, is a continuous crescendo. The Formula K Serafini’s leader enters the top 20 in his third heat and stands his ground even in the prefinals raced on a wet track. In the finals, again on a dry track, after having gained a couple of positions at the start, the Italian driver unfortunately withdraws from the race.

The next race for the Formula K drivers is set for the weekend of October 1st to the 3rd, the date in which the second and final round of the WSK Open Cup will take place on the Adria circuit.