Technology that
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The chassis for the MINI 60 and ROTAX MINI / MICRO MAX categories.

Main features

Tubular frame Ø28×2 mm
White bodywork and supports MK20 top line model CIK-FIA homologated
Brakes MKB.V2 brake system CIK-FIA homologated
Steering wheel Ø330 mm “M6” steering wheel oval handle
Aluminium wheels Ø5 inches, 109 mm with bearings (front) – 146 mm (rear)
Racing seat sizes: 25T | 27
Axles Ø30x5x960 mm - S | M | H | EH
Aluminium pedals adjustable (8 positions)
Tank capacity 4.5 litre
Spindles Ø17 mm with Ø10 mm kingpins and Camber – Caster regulation system


950 mm CIK-FIA homologated



Go Fast!
Brake Hard!

Derived from the floating and ventilated brakes used on the KZ models, the braking system of the Formula K Monster EVO 3 has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

MKB.V2 Rear brake system

CIK-FIA homologated – download PDF homologation form

– Ventilated floating Ø149 mm brake disc
– 4-piston monobloc rear brake caliper with radial fixing
– Brake pump with oil recovery tank


Standard Equipment

Standard equipment that goes with every MINI go-kart produced.

Brake discs Ventilated and floating

Camber Caster Regulation system mod. “CCS”

M6 steering wheel oval handle

Racing aluminium rims

Adjustable pedals

Optional Equipment

On top of that, you can even choose from our premium equipment range.

Universal adjustable footrest

Adjustable steering wheel hub

Aluminium components Various sizes

R-model engine mount Ø28 x 92 mm

Ceramic sphere Ø30 x 62 mm

Formula K


Formula K

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