The 2020 multi-adjustable IPKarting pedals for Formula K

The 2020 multi-adjustable IPKarting pedals for Formula K

As it does for all the chassis produced, IPK has always designed, with great care, dedicates a large part of its Research & Development efforts to the manufacturing of kart’s accessories.

Amongst these, all products dedicated to the research for the racers’ best driving position, when occupying an undoubtedly a particularly important position, regardless of their stature and the class in which they race. These accessories are exclusively machined from a solid piece of material, a technical step that has always been part of IPK philosophy, as it equips all of the Formula K chassis. Some of them are by now familiar to our most loyal enthusiasts (like the adjustable steering wheel hub) yet, in 2020 the renowned company added the new multi-adjustable pedals designed for karts of all categories.

Before analyzing the construction and material characteristics of the new multi-adjustable pedals, let us see what the advantages are provided by these new accessories, now available for all Formula K chassis. First of all, they simplify and speed up the operations that are carried out on the track, especially in regard to the MINI chassis. An improvement made possible thanks to a modular product consisting of two pieces joined by a pin capable of rotating into 4 different positions. This characteristic combined with the possibility of fastening the foot support rod in two different positions, brings the total of possible number of adjustments up to eight.
Since the very first stages, the IPK’s technical office has designed the pedal so that it can be used both for the brake and the accelerator, achieving the double objective of simplifying warehousing management for dealers and reducing the amount of spare parts that racing teams need to bring to the track.
Yet, the features offered by the new pedals do not end here. IPK has set up 5 fastening positions for the master cylinder control rod, this ensures that it always works in the optimal position, parallel to the ground and with 2 positions for the accelerator cable fastening bushing.

The distance of the pedals from the driver’s seat is a fundamental point to take into account when looking for the best driving position. In this sense, the strength of the new IPK pedals is to be able to follow drivers throughout their growth thanks to the wide range of adjustments which allows them to do without any other accessories such as extensions.
The aluminum pedal board machined from a solid piece of material which IPK has designed for the entire Formula K range, with 10 adjustment holes for the pedal and 6 for the heel rest, is perfectly compatible with the new pedals as well.

IPK’s new multi-adjustable pedals are made of 7075 aluminum alloy, which offers several advantages over traditional aluminum, including greater lightness and resistance to thermal expansion. Quality and safety go hand in hand thanks to the ad hoc nuts and bolts and of course the CNC machining which has always distinguished the entire range of IPK accessories from other companies.
All the steps which lead to the manufacturing of the new pedals, starting from the design phase, are carried out in-house directly by IPK which with the help of rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing, and the information collected from the Official Racing Teams on the main competition tracks, manages to quickly produce a cutting-edge product available for all Formula K customers.